The THOR Group of Companies claim forms:


Claim forms

The relevant completed claim forms must be submitted to THOR within 30 days of the incident.


Motor Theft Claim Formdownload
Property Loss Claim Formdownload
Hail Damage-Motor Claim Formdownload
Liability Claim Formdownload
Motor Accident Claim Formdownload
To report a claim, call Thor Insurance Brokers on (011) 450 0530

Claims procedures

In case of a claim, please refer to the claims procedures below.


Geyser Claim Procedure
Immediately switch geyser off at the mains
Open hot water tap to empty the geyser in order to prevent further damage
Make sure you remember to close the tap afterwards
Call our office during office hours (011 450 0530)

Cell Phone Claims Procedure
Contact service provider to blacklist phone
In the case of theft you must also report and obtain a case number from the police
Inform THOR Insurance Brokers of the incident
Complete Property Loss claim form and forward to THOR Insurance Brokers with a copy of the blacklisting report

Burglary/Theft Claims Procedure
Contact the Police immediately and report the burglary/theft
Obtain a case number
Inform THOR Insurance Brokers immediately so that an assessor can be appointed to assist with the evaluation of the claim

Motor Accident Claims Procedure
Do not admit or accept liability
Obtain name, I.D, telephone numbers, registration number, make of vehicle and address of the third party (other person involved). If the third party is insured, obtain details of insurer
If the vehicle is towed, obtain the contact details of where the vehicle was towed to
Report the accident to the police within 24 hours and obtain a case number
Inform THOR Insurance Brokers of the incident immediately

Motor Theft/Hijack Claims Procedure
If applicable, contact your satellite tracking subscriber and the Police immediately
Obtain a Police case number
Inform THOR Insurance Brokers of the theft immediately